UN the Stage for Renewables, Clean Transport Expo

NEW YORK, New York, February 1, 2001- (ENS) - A public exhibition of cutting edge energy and transportation technologies will be staged this April in New York outside the Secretariat Building of the United Nations. The expo will be a collaboration of industries and national governments.

Known as Energy and Transport for the Future (ETF 2001), the exhibition, will feature products and systems that are highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

They will be displayed under a solar panelled, 15,000 square foot structure that is 26 feet high, and employs sustainable building design and technologies. This is to be constructed on the north lawn of United Nations Headquarters adjacent to the General Assembly visitors entrance, on 1st Avenue at 46th Street.

Energy and Transport for the Future runs from April 16 to May 4, over two full weekends ­ including Earth Day 2001, which falls on Sunday, April 22.


UN Headquarters in New York City (Photo courtesy United Nations)
The exhibit will run concurrently with the 2001 session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development ­ the inter-governmental body established at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

ETF 2001 will feature products and systems that can increase energy services for populations and development while protecting the global environment. The Commission's discussions this year will focus on sustainable energy and transportation.

United Nations officials, civil society and media are expected to attend as well as energy, transport and environment ministers from the UN member nations. It will also be open to the general public.

Project manager for the exhibition will be SDI Ltd., a subsidiary of the ICG Group based in London. Financial advice is to be provided by Arthur Andersen, Inc. A non-profit corporation, GDS Inc., has been registered in New York to coordinate project financing, which is being sought from governments, foundations, and industry.

"The emphasis will be on currently active products and technologies," said Peter Ritchie, executive director of Global Development Solutions Inc. "We want government officials and the public to see sustainable technologies that work ­ that can allow countries and people to enjoy economic growth, while protecting the local and global ecology."


Thin film solar modules convert sunlight into electricity. (Photo courtesy National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
Energy exhibits will include fuel cells, solar photovoltaics, water purification with ultra-violet rays, biomass power generation, advanced fossil fuel technologies associated with coal, oil and natural gas, and wind power.

Building systems that are energy efficient will be showcased - windows, insulation, appliance equipment, integrated building control systems, buildings standards, and construction technologies.

Transport exhibits will include natural gas powered buses, bicycle taxis, and electric, hydrogen powered, and hybrid automobiles. Many of them will be available for visitors to test drive.

A mid-sized wind turbine and a fuel cell will be installed next to the exhibition to supply power to the structure and its exhibits. The exhibition's energy requirements will be partly filled by the photovoltaic solar panels attached to the outer surface of the pavilion itself.

ETF 2001 will be interactive, featuring working displays and models, audio and video presentations, and computer simulations that help visitors visualize the new technologies.

"ETF 2001 will be structured, not so much as a trade show, but, as a themed exposition, that illustrates how technologies are actually working in the field. The displays will emphasize the cooperation between the governmental, inter-governmental, non-profit, and private sectors." said Simon Ford, director of Sustainable Development International Ltd.

The expo will include developing countries, major technology corporations, small and medium sized businesses and non-profit companies. Special subsidies in the form of no-fee slots will be set aside to support the participation of all sectors and regions.


Design drawing for the ETF 2001 pavilion to be constructed on the north lawn of the UN headquarters (Drawing courtesy ETF 2001)
Primary architect of the exhibition¹s structure is Robert Webb Associates of the UK in association with AForm and Buro Happold. On-site supervision will be provided by Union Square Group, of New York. These organizations will be actively approaching companies with a view to fabrication and assembly of the structure within the next few weeks.

Exhibitors are invited to apply via the ETF 2001 website at: http://www.etf2001.org